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Our services

Dust control

To reduce dust formation we use the product BeeFoam

Contact us! We distinguish ourselves by using little moisture to fight the dust for a longer period.

Recycling Techniques

BeePro BV strives to achieve a better environment by using recycling techniques. We make a distinction between three types of techniques: suction, induction separation and optical separation.

What is dust?

The excessive dust production has an impact on the health of employees and machines. Below you’ll find out what types of fabric exist and what effect this has on people and machines.

About Us

Are you looking for the solution to all your dust problems? Then you are at the right place at BeePro BV! BeePro BV specialises in dust control, suction and induction separation. Because of our expertise, knowledge and enormous passion for the profession, we are able to offer an innovative solution to your problem. We are active in various sectors such as the (steel) industry, coal mines, quarries, recycling companies and more.

In addition, we work together with specialized companies in the dust control so that we can offer you the most suitable solution. As an international company we are currently active in Europe, Canada, United States, Mexico and also in China with an establishment where BeePro China LTD is established.

On purpose

BeePro stands for durability and quality. This is not only reflected in the products we use, but also in the services we provide. By means of recycling, we make (residual) waste usable for society and contribute to a better environment by reducing the emission of harmful substances.

Within the dust control we strive to:

  • An improved living environment
  • A safer working environment
  • Reducing quartz dust
  • Preventing dust lungs
  • Binding of harmful substances distributed by dust

Our mission and Vision

Our mission is to relieve the environment by fighting dust. This is what BeePro stands for. Our vision is an improved environment by striving for a safer (working) environment, reducing harmful substances and preventing dust clouds. This is what BeePro is all about.

What makes us unique?

The dust control product of BeePro is unique because we bind the dust with little moisture. The advantage is that the product is applicable in various situations, such as in different industries. In addition, Beefoam, as the product is called, is better for the environment. In addition, the dust can be fought for a longer period (3 to 12 days) and with the addition of an extra product you can even have months of fun. Would you like to see the operation of the product with your own eyes? We will be happy to visit you for a demonstration!

If you choose us, you choose for honesty, professionalism, durability and quality. We strive to solve your problems as efficiently and as smoothly as possible. Interested in our dust control or a free demonstration request? Please feel free to Contact us.

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BeePro BV

Trekwei 9
9033 WC Deinum


+31 622 93 52 90