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Dust control for a safe and pleasant working environment

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Dust control is important

An excess of dust is harmful to your lungs. According to experts, tiny dust particles can even be absorbed into your bloodstream. Therefore, dust control is crucial for creating a clean and safe working environment.

What is dust control?

BeeFoam is a dust control foam product for a safer work environment. BeeFoam binds dust and suspended particles together, reducing dust formation.

The application of BeeFoam is possible because of the dispensing system we have developed. It is completely biodegradable, so it has many applications.

Why you need BeeFoam

A healthy working environment is important for you and your staff. A pleasant work environment without dust masks. Below are the benefits of BeeFoam:

  • Protects the health of your employees.
  • Provides a clean and safe working environment.
  • BeeFoam does not cause moisture issues.
  • Reduces machine wear and tear.
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Dust comes in various types and sizes, but for BeeFoam, no dust is a challenge. Request a free demonstration and discover how BeeFoam can make your environment safe.

Dust control

Dust control at BeePro


Experience the effects of effective dust control for free at your location.

Installation development

Every situation is unique. That’s why we provide unique installations. Custom solutions in the field of dust control.


BeeFoam is your solution against dust. For a nice and safe working environment.

Book more operating profit through dust control

Dust can have significant consequences, affecting the health of your staff, workplace safety, and the environment. Dust control has a positive impact on all of these factors. Additionally, dust control also has positive financial implications.

Allow us to explain why you should invest in dust control.

If you are dealing with dust issues, we can apply BeeFoam to your dust source. This creates an environment that is virtually dust-free. This leads to a better working environment and a healthier setting for your employees, as they can work more safely and inhale less dust.

Safety will also improve because visibility is enhanced, and dust no longer causes distractions. Your machines are cleaner and safer to use, allowing them to work better and more efficiently. As a result of the increased efficiency of your employees, you will ultimately achieve better business results.



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