5 Disadvantages of Extraction Systems

Exhaust systems come in both domestic and industrial forms, both with the same goal of getting pollutants out of the air and maintaining healthy air quality.

While this system seems indispensable for maintaining clean and safe air quality, it has annoying limitations when it comes to dust control.

Here are the 5 disadvantages

Limited filtering power

An extractor hood works by sucking in polluted air, passing it through special filters, and then expelling this air outside. While this system seems very effective in theory for combating airborne dust particles, in practice, the filters of these extraction systems often lack sufficient filtering capacity to effectively capture all dust particles.

As a result, the very small particles remain in the filtered air. Unfortunately, these very small particles are often the most harmful to your health.

Installation, maintenance and cleaning

To effectively filter the air, an extraction system must be properly installed and regularly maintained and cleaned. If this is not done, it leads to uneven airflow, causing certain areas to be exposed to more dust than others. Besides being time-consuming, replacing the filters is also very expensive.

The cost of extraction systems

The installation of an extraction system comes with a hefty price tag, but installation is just the beginning. The extraction system needs to be regularly cleaned, and the filters need to be replaced periodically.

Additionally, the lifespan of many components of the extraction system is a cost factor to consider. Furthermore, an extraction system requires a large amount of energy, leading to higher energy bills.

Operational challenges

Working with an extraction system requires specific knowledge and training to ensure it is used correctly. If the system is not operated properly or maintained on time, dangerous situations can arise, such as fires or the release of harmful substances.

It poses health risks

Dust control is very important for a healthy work environment. Although the system is meant to filter the air from harmful substances and thereby improve air quality, in some cases of misuse it can actually cause risks.


For example, if you don’t clean a filter on time, it turns into a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. You then breathe these bacteria and mold back in.


Also, the employee in charge is at risk during maintenance because he or she comes into contact with a high concentration of harmful substances.

Choose an effective solution

With BeeFoam, these problems are a thing of the past. This innovative foam has the property of capturing and neutralizing dust particles from the air. In places where dust can cause significant problems, BeeFoam provides the solution.

BeeFoam consists of a fine mist of foam particles that are sprayed into the air and then attach themselves to the fine dust particles present. This foam makes the dust particles heavier, causing them to fall to the ground, where they can be easily cleaned up. This effectively reduces the amount of dust particles in the air.


Benefits of using BeeFoam:

  1. Can be used in open spaces
    Unlike extraction hoods which have little to no effect in open spaces, BeeFoam can be applied in these areas to remove dust and fine particles from the air.
  2. Long-term cost savings
    With an extraction system, you incur ongoing costs for maintenance, filter replacement, and system cleaning. With BeeFoam, these issues are a thing of the past. After installation, you will see costs decrease and the working environment become safer.
  3. Mobility; combats dust where it is needed
    Some BeeFoam systems are mobile. This means that unlike an extraction hood fixed in one place, a BeeFoam system can be moved to where it is needed at any given time.
  4. Less energy consumption; saves on your energy bill and is environmentally friendly
    Our BeeFoam system generally consumes much less energy than an extraction system. This not only results in a lower energy bill but is also better for the environment.


With BeeFoam, all your dust problems are a thing of the past

Request a free demonstration and experience how BeeFoam improves dust control and keeps the environment safe.

During the demonstration, we will show you how easy BeeFoam is to use. With our no-obligation offer, you can determine for yourself if BeeFoam is suitable for your company.

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