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BeePro B.V. has years of experience in the field of dust control, extraction, and induction separation. Thanks to our expertise, technical knowledge, and a deep passion for our work, we are your partner in finding innovative solutions to your problems. We operate in various sectors, including the (steel) industry, coal mines, quarries, and recycling companies. However, even if you have an issue in a different sector, we can provide a solution for your dust problem.

What does BeePro do?

Are you looking for the solution to all your dust problems? Then you’ve come to the right place at BeePro B.V.! Who are we? Professionals specializing in dust control, extraction, and induction separation. With our expertise, technical knowledge, and immense passion for the trade, we help hundreds of companies pursue safety and business goals. And all of this by solving their dust problems. Because that’s what we do!

We operate in various sectors, including the (steel) industry, coal mines, quarries, and recycling companies. We are an international company and operate in Europe, Canada, the United States, Mexico, and also in China. To always provide you with a suitable solution, we also collaborate with other companies specializing in dust control.

Our goal

BeePro B.V. stands for sustainability and quality. This is not only reflected in the products we use but is also evident in the services we provide. By actively engaging in recycling, we aim to make (residual) waste useful for society.

We are also involved in extraction, induction separation, and optical separation. Our goal is to contribute to an improved environment by reducing emissions of harmful substances and recovering raw materials.

What we aim to achieve with dust control:

  • An improved living environment
  • A safer working environment
  • Reduction of quartz dust
  • Prevention of dust-related lung diseases
  • Binding of harmful substances dispersed by dust (such as paint residues and asbestos fibers)

Our mission

Our mission is to alleviate the environment by controlling dust and improving recycling techniques in businesses. This way, we aim for a better environment and a safer (work) environment. How do we achieve this? By reducing harmful substances and preventing dust clouds.

Why choose BeePro?

Our sustainable and high-quality products set us apart from other dust control companies. Because we can bind dust with minimal moisture, the product is applicable in various situations and is also much more sustainable than dust control using large amounts of water.

Furthermore, we can control dust for an extended period (three to twelve days), and with an addition, we can even ensure that it lasts for months! Additionally, we use affordable extraction techniques and induction separation processes. To demonstrate what our techniques and products can do for you, we offer a free on-site demonstration. This way, you can experience the effectiveness of our products in your specific situation.

Choosing BeePro means choosing sustainability, quality, integrity, and professionalism. For years, we have been committed to improving our customers’ work or living environment through sustainable products and techniques. Would you like to experience it for yourself?



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