BeeFoam is your solution to dust control for a safe working environment. BeeFoam has been developed by BeePro as a sustainable response to excessive dust formation.

Discover how BeeFoam can help protect your employees from excessive dust and create a pleasant working environment.

What is BeeFoam?

BeeFoam is a foam-based product for dust control, promoting a safer work environment. BeeFoam binds dust and airborne particles together, thus reducing dust formation.

The application of BeeFoam is made possible through the dosing system we have developed. It is completely biodegradable, making it versatile for various applications. BeeFoam is produced in the Netherlands.

How does BeeFoam work?

A foam product may sound intriguing, but how does BeeFoam work? Dust control is often attempted using water alone, but this approach leads to a significant moisture problem. As a result, extraction systems can become damaged and eventually lose their effectiveness. Additionally, this method is highly detrimental to the environment.

In practice and its benefits.

With BeeFoam, this problem is non-existent. We’ve designed a dosing system that ensures the product is mixed in the right proportions with air and water. This creates long-lasting foam that is applied to the material being worked on. The foam binds to the dust, making it heavier, thus reducing dust formation during material processing.

An additional benefit of BeeFoam is that the end product can be processed dust-free for three to twelve days.

Using BeeFoam offers the following advantages:

  • A safe working environment with no dust.
  • Elimination of the need for dust masks, overpressure systems, and extraction.
  • Reduced machine wear and tear.
  • Easy application.
  • No moisture problems.
  • Biodegradable.

Application options

BeeFoam has various applications. Due to the foam formation, products don’t become wet, and the end product can be processed dust-free for days. Some ways in which BeeFoam can be applied include:

  • Sorting lines for construction and demolition waste.
  • Wood reduction machines.
  • Crushers for debris.
  • Quarries.
  • Composting industry.
  • Cement industry.
  • Concrete industry.
  • Electronics recycling.
  • Metal recycling.
  • Plastic recycling.
  • Fiber-reinforced plastics.

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