Dust control at large piles of rubble

arge debris piles often generate a significant amount of dust, leading to issues. Dust control for large debris piles is aimed at binding dust and preventing dust clouds. BeePro offers various products and installations to combat dust nuisance that arises from large debris piles. Dust can indeed cause several problems, including reduced visibility, respiratory issues, machine breakdowns, and environmental damage. With BeePro's products and services, dust is controlled in the context of large debris piles.

Dust problems with debris

Why dust control at rubble?

Processing and storing debris can generate a lot of dust, leading to dust-related issues. Excessive dust not only impairs visibility but also creates an unsafe (working) environment. Employees may be exposed to potentially harmful substances, debris piles continue to emit dust, and dust can infiltrate machinery, causing faster wear and tear. Are you experiencing dust problems with large debris piles or debris processing? BeePro can help solve your dust problem. BeePro's products are specially designed to bind dust and keep the environment cleaner and more manageable.

The dust control advantage

Dust problems can be troublesome, but what exactly are the benefits of dust control? In fact, dust control offers several advantages. Dust control improves visibility and causes dust particles to settle to the ground more quickly, reducing the inhalation of dust particles. Less dust also accumulates in and on machinery, extending their lifespan. Additionally, dust control is environmentally friendly, as it reduces the release of harmful substances into the environment. This is particularly relevant when dealing with dust issues related to large debris piles, which are often stored outdoors. Furthermore, the materials within the debris can cause harm to the environment, making dust control even more crucial. Using a product like BeeFoam makes dust control even more sustainable, as it is biodegradable and requires very little water to combat dust!


BeeFoam has been specially developed by BeePro to combat dust formation. This foam-based product binds dust and airborne particles together to reduce dust formation and is also suitable for use with large debris piles. As a result, less dust floats in the air, improving visibility and reducing the inhalation of harmful substances. BeeFoam is a sustainable solution for your dust problem, as the product is fully biodegradable and easily dosed using installations developed by us. Want to learn more about BeeFoam? We'd be happy to provide you with all the information you need.

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