Dust control for a safe and pleasant working environment

Dust control is combating dust in all shapes and sizes with different techniques and products. Millions of companies from all over the world suffer from dust problems. Dirty workshops, poor visibility, wearing machines, dust problems can be found in every corner. It often seems as if dust appears out of nowhere, especially when cleaning has just taken place.

Although fighting dust feels like a battle that can never be won, it is certainly a battle worth fighting. worth taking on. We are the specialist in dust control.

Dust control industrial

Often, excessive dust accumulation is a problem in industrial areas, such as in mining, waste treatment, recycling or construction. Dust easily accumulates in these areas or places, leading to various problems. Especially in indoor areas, dust accumulation can be a serious problem.

With too much dust inside, employees’ health may even be at risk.

Dust control during demolition

Dust control in demolition is what we see most often from our customers, so our products are specially adapted to it. During dust control at demolition, we ensure that dust does not accumulate excessively during the demolition of buildings, installations or homes. This is done by injecting the dust-producing material with our environmentally friendly product BeeFoam.

Dust control during demolition is important for the health of your employees, but also for the life of your machinery. Dust control improves visibility and dust particles drop to the ground faster, reducing the amount of dust particles inhaled and left on machines. Dust control also prevents dust particles from settling in (moving) parts of machinery, which can result in excessive wear and tear.

Why dust control

You may be thinking, why dust control? Dust not only makes a living or working environment look filthy, but, as stated earlier, it can also have a negative impact on human health.

Usually the type of dust and the size of these dust particles determine how harmful dust is to our bodies. Large dust particles linger in the nose or mouth and thus do not enter the body further, making them relatively harmless. Smaller dust particles are generally much more harmful because these dust particles can penetrate into our lungs. According to experts, the very smallest particulate matter particles can even penetrate directly into the bloodstream, causing incalculable health consequences.

In addition, dust control is also essential for the safety of your employees. Due to the accumulation of dust, in some situations employees may lack visibility in what they are doing, which can create dangerous scenarios. In addition to these two main reasons to engage in dust control, we have listed several more benefits of dust control for you.

The benefits of dust control


Better working conditions

By means of dust control, your employees can breathe safely.


Safe working environment

Dust no longer blocks the view, making the working environment safer.


Less wear and tear on machines

Machines suffer less from problems and wear and tear because less dust accumulates.



Thanks to dust control, fewer harmful substances end up in the environment.


Increased production capacity

Your employees work faster, safer and healthier, which increases your production capacity.

Most common places for dust problems

Production halls

All kinds of pollution can occur in the indoor air in the production hall. Despite the fact that source extraction is often used in these industries, the small dust particles continue to swirl in the air and eventually settle on the products and machines. The substances that remain suspended in the air pose a risk to the health of personnel. If they settle, they lead to machine failures, high cleaning costs and pose a risk to hygiene. That is why dust extraction is required in the production hall.

Large heaps of rubble

During the construction, demolition and renovation process, a large amount of dust is released every day. And working with dust entails quite a few risks. Construction workers have an increased risk of contracting diseases such as silicosis, chronic bronchitis or even worse: lung cancer.


Of course, much of this rubble is landfilled. This creates a large amount of dust that is harmful to the people who walk around the landfill.

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The extraction of substances from a mine also involves harmful substances. These substances include quartz substances that are very harmful to employees who inhale them, but are also harmful to machines and the surrounding view, which can lead to dangerous situations.

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Dust control industrial

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Dust control during demolition

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How BeeFoam works

Dust suppression is often attempted with water alone. The disadvantage of this is that it creates a major moisture problem, resulting in exhaust systems being damaged and eventually not working optimally. In addition, this method is incredibly bad for the environment, as you use a lot of water and can contaminate groundwater.

BeeFoam does not have these disadvantages. The operation of BeeFoam is as follows: in a dosing installation developed by us, BeeFoam is mixed with water and air in the perfect ratio. This creates a long-lasting foam that is applied to the surface or product to be treated.

The foam binds to the dust, making the dust heavier and no longer floating through the air. As a result, you experience less hindrance from dust generation when processing your materials.

BeeFoam is completely biodegradable and is produced in the Netherlands. An additional advantage of BeeFoam is that the final product can be processed dust-free for three to twelve days!


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