Fine Dust: An Invisible Danger

Many companies have problems with excessive dust dispersal, and this has great consequences for employees. Sometimes the dust particles are so “fine” that you cannot detect them with the naked eye. But what exactly is particulate matter? Where does it come from? And more importantly, what are the dangers to your employees’ health?

What is fine dust?

Particulate matter refers to small particles or tiny dust particles in the air that vary in size. These particles can be classified according to their diameter, and the most relevant categories are PM10 (particles 10 micrometers in diameter or smaller) and PM2.5 (particles 2.5 micrometers in diameter or smaller). Particulate matter consists of a mixture of various small particles, including dust, soot, pollen, salts, organic matter and chemical compounds.

How is fine dust created?

1. Combustion processes

The burning of fossil fuels produces particulate matter. Consider exhaust emissions and the burning of wood, coal and oil.

Industrial activities

Industrial processes such as metalworking, cement production and chemical production lead to the emission of particulate matter.

Road traffic

Traffic, including car and truck exhaust, tire and brake wear, and road surface abrasion, can generate significant amounts of particulate matter, especially in urban areas.


BeePro has been working with BeeFoam for years: biodegradable foam against dust dispersion! BeeFoam is the effective solution in industrial environments. The eco-friendly product is specially designed to effectively tackle dust.

How does BeeFoam work?

But how does BeeFoam work? Unlike using water, which causes moisture problems and damages extraction systems, BeeFoam is designed to prevent this. Our innovative dispensing system precisely mixes the product with air and water, resulting in long-lasting foam that coats dust particles. This foam increases the weight of the dust, reducing dust generation during processing.

Wondering if BeeFoam is the right solution for your business?

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