Installation development

Excessive dust in an industrial setting can cause significant problems, making dust control a serious issue in most sectors. We address this challenge. Through our in-house installation development, we can always provide our customers with a customized solution in the field of dust control. After all, every situation is unique.

Custom Installations for optimal dust control

To efficiently combat dust, it’s crucial not only to use the right products but also to utilize a well-adjusted installation tailored to your specific dust issue.

A good installation is customized because every work environment is unique. BeePro’s installations are tailor-made and capable of efficiently reducing dust.

A BeeFoam installation automatically blends the perfect ratio of product, water, and air to resolve your dust problem without wasting resources.

Experience the benefits of BeeFoam for yourself

Request a free demonstration and discover BeeFoam in your own workplace. We would be delighted to visit you and demonstrate how our products work, free of charge and with no obligations.


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