What is BeeFoam?

Many companies face dust-related issues. Dust comes in various forms and sizes, making it not always clear whether it is harmful to the health of you and your employees.

Large dust particles are often less harmful than small dust particles. Small particles can reach your lungs and, according to experts, can even be absorbed into your bloodstream.


BeeFoam is a foam product developed by BeePro for a safe working environment. This helps prevent lung damage and irritations to the eyes and skin. BeeFoam reduces dust formation by binding the dust and airborne particles.

What is BeeFoam?

How exactly does BeeFoam work? Reduction of dust is often attempted using only water, but this approach can lead to a significant moisture problem, followed by damage to extraction systems that may eventually become non-functional.

BeeFoam operates slightly differently. It features a dosing system designed to ensure that the product is mixed with air and water in precise proportions. These proportions result in the creation of long-lasting foam, which is then applied to the material being worked on. This long-lasting foam binds to the dust, making it heavier.

Benefits BeeFoam

BeeFoam creates a safer working environment, protecting the health of your employees. It eliminates the need for dust masks. BeeFoam is a biodegradable product that can keep the workspace dust-free for 3 to 12 days.

Experience BeeFoam for yourself

Do you want a safer working environment and protect your employees without the need for dust masks? Request a free on-site demonstration now. This way, you can see for yourself what BeeFoam can do for you and your employees.

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